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Liveaboard and Scuba Diving in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma)

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Terms and Conditions

1 General Information

A contractual agreement with Loma Diving Adventure is initiated when the participant or his appointed tour operator makes a telephone, electronic or personal booking. If the contact person submits a reservation and / or booking for several participants they shall be responsible for their contractual obligations set out in these terms and conditions for their guests as well as for their own, i.e. completion of the payment, completing the registration process in full and meeting all the criteria stated below.
Transport for arrivals and departures must be organized by the participants themselves or their appointed tour operators. Transfers from Phuket to Khao Lak and / or from Khao Lak to Phuket can also be booked by Loma Diving Adventure. As well hotels offered on the Loma Diving Adventure website can be booked by Loma Diving Adventure subject to availability. Transfers within Khao Lak are part of the booked services and are free of charge.
The cabins on MV Bavaria are shared with other participants. Single occupancy can be booked for certain cabins with a corresponding surcharge as per the price list. Costs for alcoholic beverages, canned soft drinks and ice cream consumed during a liveaboard trip have to be paid in cash in THB onboard MV Bavaria.
Each participant must ensure that they comply with the applicable passport and visa requirements as well as health and police regulations for entering Thailand and / or Myanmar. The passport must be valid for at least six months from the day of entry into Thailand and / or Myanmar. Compliance with the entry regulations is the sole responsibility of the participant and Loma Diving Adventure will not refund the cost of the liveaboard trip in the event of the participant being unable to enter the country in question.
For all diving cruises with MV Bavaria a diving insurance incl. decompression chamber treatment is obligatory. The last dive must not be more than a year ago. If the date of the last dive is longer than 1 year ago an appropriate Refresher course is obligatory and must be entered in the diver's logbook by a certified diving professional. This Refresher course can be carried out by Loma Diving Adventure on request.
If you have questions, please send us an email.

2 Check-in at Loma Diving Adventure Khao Lak / Thailand

For Loma Diving Adventure Liveaboard trips to Myanmar (M-trips) and where the participant joins on the fourth day of Loma Diving Adventure Liveaboard trips in Thailand (B-trips), check-in must be done at the office of Loma Diving Adventure until 18:00 p.m. (due to operational reasons). The estimated time of arrival to Khao Lak at the end of the Myanmar trips is after 19:00 p.m. This should be considered when planning your onward journey. Details can be found in the respective Liveaboard descriptions.
National Park Fees and / or the Royalty fee for day trips, dive packages or Liveaboard trips are payable cash in THB for Thailand trips respectively cash in USD for Myanmar trips at check-in. Extras such as diving courses, Nitrox, 15 l-tanks, equipment rental etc. must be paid for cash in THB prior to departure.

3 Special Conditions for Liveaboard trips to Myanmar

Liveaboard trips to Myanmar are not suitable for beginners. Divers must show at least 50 logged dives and some advanced diving experience; not less than Advanced Open Water Diver. The last dive must not be more than a year ago.
A copy of your passport must be scanned and sent to office@loma-diving.com as a pdf-file (no copies or scanned black-and-white photocopies or photos taken by smartphone) no later than six weeks before the trip will be accepted by the Myanmar Immigration authorities. The passport including the completed and signed Thai Immigration Departure Card, Visa and Royalty fee in cash (currently 230 USD) and three passport photos per person must be handed to the staff during the check-in at Loma Diving Adventure on the day before the safari begins.
US dollar notes from the series 1996, US 100 notes from the new series and those beginning with the letters CB will not be accepted. Nor will worn, damaged, kinked or heavily soiled notes be accepted; you need to bring new undamaged notes. As we can update the guest details to the Myanmar Immigration until 2 weeks before the Myanmar trip begins only the absolute deadline for booking inquiries is two weeks before the beginning of that Myanmar Liveaboard trip.
Loma Diving Adventure cannot and will not be held responsible if it is not possible for you to enter Myanmar due to short-term changes in the entry regulations or failure by you to complete the above requirements and the trip must be changed accordingly.
Recognition of these special conditions for Myanmar is obligatory for a booking.

4 Diving Safety

Loma Diving Adventure takes the safety of all guests, divers, the crew and personnel, both whilst diving and on board the boat as most important. A diving insurance (i.e. DAN or aqua med) as well a dive computer and a SMB are mandatory for each diver on all Liveaboard Trips. Diving insurance by Indepths can be arranged through Loma Diving Adventure at check-in. Dive computers and SMBs can be rented on board the Safari boat.

5 Booking Conditions

Booking inquiries or reservations must be made early enough so that the desired places are still available; they will not be held for more than 7 days. The final booking by the participant or his appointed tour operator must be made through the Loma Diving Adventure website; at this time the complete name, the gender, the passport no., the date of birth, the nationality, the diver certification level, the number of logged dives, the date of the last dive, the diving insurance and wished extras like Nitrox (if certified), 15l-tank or rental equipment must be entered. Recognition of these conditions is obligatory for a booking.
For bookings made more than 6 months before the beginning of liveaboard trip an early bird discount of 5% of the selling price will be granted. The booking is not confirmed until the participant or his appointed tour operator receives the booking confirmation / invoice and the down payment of 30%, respectively 50% for a full charter has been received by Loma Diving Adventure. The balance of 70% must be paid 30 days or in the case of a balance due of 50% not later than 90 days before the start of the booked Safari. If the balance due is not paid on time Loma Diving Adventure reserves the right to assign the places to other participants. When booking through the Loma Diving Adventure website you are confirming by that action that all the data you enter is correct. You are furthermore accepting that the data will be processed to provide the service and if necessary forwarded to third parties for processing an order.

6 Cancellation Policy

For bookings cancelled by the participant the cancellation fee will be as follows:
up to 60 days before departure 20% of the full cost of the trip
59 - 30 days before departure 30% of the full cost of the trip
29 - 15 days before departure 50% of the full cost of the trip
less than 15 days before departure 100% of the full cost of the trip
In the case of a trip cancellation caused by Loma Diving Adventure the full deposit will be refunded.

7 General conditions and disclaimer

Diving activities organized by Loma Diving Adventure adhere to the current standards of diving associations such as PADI and CMAS. These standards must be respected by the participants at all times. Participation in diving courses and diving programs taught by Loma Diving Adventure requires mental and physical fitness. It is therefore strongly recommended that you undergo medical examination before registering. Participants in diving courses and diving programs declare that they are fully fit for diving by the fact of registering. During diving courses and programs Loma Diving Adventure Instructors and Supervisors must be obeyed. Infringements will result in immediate expulsion without any right to reimbursement. The competent instructor on site has the right to change the booked diving course or the booked diving program where the participant of lacks suitable qualification. The participant operates the diving courses and programs at his own risk and must comply with local, national and international safety guidelines. The participant is responsible for damages or loss of rented diving equipment and property of Loma Diving Adventure.
Loma Diving Adventure reserves the right to change the program or any agreed services such as accommodation, mode of transport or timing, etc. in the event of, but not limited to, natural disasters, weather conditions, engine damage, political turmoil, armed conflict, etc. In this unlikely event Loma Diving Adventure will endeavour to provide information in time and find a suitable solution.
The Schedule and/or the maximum number of possible dives during a Liveaboard trip may need to be changed due to operational reasons or weather-related circumstances. There is no entitlement to the refund of unused dives.
It is emphasized that Loma Diving Adventure cannot be held financially responsible for any changes in itinerary due to weather conditions, political or civil unrest, acts of God or armed conflicts.
Any of the problems above would fall under Thailand jurisdiction in the event of a dispute between the two parties entered in this contract.